Tasting Room

Stop by and visit us! Head north on M-22 through Suttons Bay, and approximately 1.5 miles from the second blinking light, turn left on Setterbo Road. Wind up Setterbo for another mile and look for the white barn with a red tandem bicycle. Welcome to Tandem Ciders.

Draft Cider

The Crabster  0.1% RS    5.5% abv

Dry yet still amazingly fruity. A blend of our apples and some of the more diverse apples in the area. Zestars, Vikings, Ginger Gold, and Tandem's Estate Blend

Mirage    0.2% RS   6.5% abv

The following poem describes this cider well, and perhaps you after a pint, "He who is a mirage. He is chased, never grasped, pursued, yet never domesticated, he runs free, without a care of what the consequences may be." -Eva Aloezos  Crab apples, McIntosh, Jonathan, and Ozark Golds

Greenman   2.0% RS  5%abv

This semi-dry cider is created from a single variety: the Rhode Island Greening, a classic American apple.

Scrumpy Little Woody  8.5% abv

Scrumpy: an old English word for cider. Best described: Surprisingly drinkable! Cider and apple brandy aged in oak barrel.

SMACKINTOSH  4.0% RS 4.5%abv 

Sweet and appley--the perennial favorite here at Tandem Ciders. Try a taste and see for yourself. McIntosh, Northern Spy, and Greening.

Perry Newman 4.5% RS  5.5% abv

Let us introduce you to a delightful fellow from Northport. A bit spicy, yet quite sweet like most of the lads up there.  Flemish Beauty and D'Anjou pears from Fredrickson Farms

Royal Cider   5.5% RS  9.5% abv

Fortified by the addition of an ice cider, intense acid and dried fruit notes predominate this special cider.  Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greening, Zestar, Ozark Gold, Crab apples

Food Menu

Leelanau Cheese Plate

Raclette cheese paired with fruit, lavash crackers, and pickles.

Black Truffle Fromage Blanc 

With fruit and lavash crackers – delicious.

Pickled Egg

Please help renew this treasured food tradition.

Great Lakes Potato Chips 

Crisps pair well with a pickled egg.

Peanuts in the Shell 

A classic snack.

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2055 N Setterbo Rd,
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Summer Hours (June-December)

Monday - Saturday: 12 - 6pm
Sunday: 12 - 5 pm

Winter Hours (January-May)

Monday - Tuesday: 12-6pm, Thursday - Saturday: 12-6pm
Sunday: 12-5PM