Apple of my eye: Husband and wife team make Tandem Ciders a success

Most folks touring Leelanau County wine trails are on the hunt for the signature beverage of that gorgeous peninsula, wine. Yes, there’s lots of world-class wine in Leelanau but there’s also world-class cider. Cider, you say, really? In Leelanau County? It’s true: Since 2010 Tandem Ciders has been producing a variety of award-winning hard ciders to please your palate. No less an authority than Bon Appetit magazine named one of their creations, “The Sweetheart,” one of its four favorite hard ciders in 2011. Wow, that’s nationwide competition you’re talking about!

This cidery not only makes great ciders, there’s a wonderful love story behind the business. Dan Young and Nikki Rothwell are the owners of Tandem Ciders. They are also husband and wife. Their romance and cider business are woven together tighter than an Irish fisherman’s sweater.

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