Tasting Room

Stop by and visit us! Head north on M-22 through Suttons Bay, and approximately 1.5 miles from the second blinking light, turn left on Setterbo Road. Wind up Setterbo for another mile and look for the white barn with a red tandem bicycle. Welcome to Tandem Ciders.

Draft Cider

The Crabster   0.1% RS   5.5%abv

Dry yet still amazingly fruity. A blend of our apples and some of the more diverse apples in the area.  Zestars, Vikings, Ginger Gold, and Tandem's Estate Blend.

Hop  Wagon   1.8% RS  6.0%abv

Well come on, everyone’s jumping on.  Don’t miss the wagon with this subtly dry hopped beauty. Northern Spy, Jonathan, Greening, McIntosh, Jonagold, crab apples with Cascade hops.

Greenman   2.0% RS  5%abv                       

This semi-dry cider is created from a single variety: the Rhode Island Greening, a classic American apple.

Ginger-Banjie          2.0% RS 6.0%abv                                                         

The delicate smell of peach, spice and flowery ginger comes from the real deal grown in Michigan! Jonathan, Jonagold, GingerGold, McIntosh, ginger root.

Scrumpy Little Woody     8.5%abv

Scrumpy: an old English word for cider. Best described: Surprisingly drinkable! Cider and apple brandy aged in oak barrel.

SMACKINTOSH  4.0% RS 4.5%abv         

Sweet and appley--the perennial favorite here at Tandem Ciders. Try a taste and see for yourself. McIntosh, Northern Spy, and Greening.

Sunny Day    4.5% RS  4.6%abv                                            

From the first fruity sniff to the last delightfully delicious swig, drinking Sunny Day is like a glass of Leelanau sunshine.  Johnathan and Jonagold.   


Food Menu

Leelanau Cheese Plate

Raclette cheese paired with fruit, crackers, and pickles.

Black Truffle Fromage Blanc 

With fruit and crackers – delicious.

Hummus Plate

With baby carrots and crackers.

Pickled Egg

Please help renew this treasured food tradition.

Great Lakes Potato Chips 

Crisps pair well with a pickled egg.

Peanuts in the Shell 

A classic snack.

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2055 N Setterbo Rd,
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Summer Hours (June-December)

Monday - Saturday: 12 - 6pm
Sunday: 12 - 5 pm

Winter Hours (January-May)

Monday, Thursday - Saturday: 12-6pm
Sunday: 12-5PM